Sea crossing

3,300 m across Neusiedler Lake

The requirements read: Insertion of 2 PE 50 endless in pipe trench with 1.1 m cover over a length of 3,300 m across Neusiedler Lake. The ground consists of firm to hard clay, covered by a 60 cm layer of mud. In addition, the construction work had to satisfy the National Park’s high environment requirements to the full. DPB proved to be the only enterprise capable of accepting the challenge and developing the ideal concept.

Special excavators from the Baltic

Thanks to our years of experience, DPB was aware that crossing the lake was only possible with a special excavator. For this reason, the machine was without hesitation transported from the Baltic to Burgenland.

Problem: DPB solution

Even for DPB, it was not easy. Nature made the construction work on site even more difficult: mud between 1.2 and 2.5 metres thick, not predicted by the geological expertise, the formation of ice, bomb craters, etc. All problems that almost led to the failure of the project. But only almost – for DPB was able to apply its experience and develop new and creative solutions on site. Even more: DPB once again proved its coordination and organisation talents in this project.

Record construction time: 6 days!

Despite the problems that could not have been foreseen, DPB completed the fibre-optic line across Neusiedler Lake in a minimum of time. After precisely 6 days of effective construction time, the project was handed over to the client, together with all protocols and data logs.

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