advises, analyses, checks, plans, calculates, coordinates, pushes ahead and executes to guarantee the success of its projects.

DPB has

experience, creativity, flexibility, capacity to provide solutions, experts, commitment, process-based thinking, ideas, recommendations, swiftness, expertise, handshake quality and a sense of responsibility for its project.

DPB carries out

planning, acquisitions, dealings with authorities, surveys, feasibility studies, project management, communication, professional execution of projects to meet the high demands of our customers.

DPB is

THE full service provider for the extension of infrastructures in Austria and the ONE partner for each single phase of your project. 


We enjoy challenges!

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DPB GmbH & CO KG | Gamserstraße 23, A-8523 Frauental, Tel.: +43 (0) 3462 / 6699-0, Fax: +43 (0) 3462/6699-20, E-Mail: