VBA Tirol - Intelligent Traffic System

DPB is a highly efficient partner!

The Tirol traffic guidance system enables traffic to be directed efficiently and intelligently and extends along the A 12 over a distance of almost 89 km and over 34.5 km on the A 13.


With flexible indicators it is now possible to specifically direct the entire traffic scene. For example, the speed of the traffic flow can now be successfully managed in dependence of the traffic density, lane signals at construction sites, accidents or breakdowns, lane closures due to wrong-way drivers as well as warnings due to weather-related dangers, during accidents or traffic congestion.


DPB had a significant share in its setup and was also overall project manager. DPB was additionally responsible for the trail construction as well as for all steel construction engineering in the bridge sector. And finally, DPB also impressed with its range of services in telematics and was commissioned with the emplacement of the OWG system.

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