Record turnkey project: 230 km in 123 days!

From Thörl Maglern to Graz: Mission Possible for DPB!

The mission read: "A data highway from Thörl Maglern to Graz". DPB - as a competent turnkey partner - took responsibility for all implementation stages. Beginning with route planning, obtaining authorisation from land owners and public authorities, through planning, project management, and logistics up to the simultaneous installation of 11 conduits - and all that in only 123 days!

A record project

The entire project - by this stage already comprising 16 file folders - was submitted as early as 42 days after the placing of the contract, thus completing the first implementation phase. Other records were to follow in the course of the construction phase: The fibre-optic line runs directly across the Koralpe mountain range, making it the highest-lying data highway in Austria.

Top logistics performance

DPB staff also provided top performance in efficient logistics: A total of 1300 cable drums each with a diameter of 3.2 metres had to be transported to their precise installation sites. Not an easy task, considering the fact that a semi-trailer truck can hold a maximum of 8 drums.

Speed requires experience

The contract was placed on June 6, 2000. Only a few months later - on November 30, 2000 - the entire project had been completed and the digital documentation handed over to the client. This once again proves that the challenge of a project on this scale can only be met when there are years of experience to back it up. This is the DPB advantage!

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