Telecommunications & Telematics

DPB has

expertise in the setup and extension of fixed-line and mobile telephone radio networks to implement future-oriented technologies such as Cloud computing, Server hosting, smart grid, Long Term Evolution (LTE), etc.

DPB produces

Fixed network

  • fiber to the curb, fiber to the home
  • glass-fibre cable-, mini cable- and up to cable jets
  • copper- and optical waveguide cable splicings
  • copper- and optical waveguide measuring technology

Mobile radio networks

  • least line - connections
  • construction and removal of complete transmission systems and directional radio routes
  • antenna installation
  • upgrades such as BTS Swap
  • TRX upgrade and downgrade
  • LOS – tests
  • GFK mouldings


  • servicing and checking of networks
  • availability of service and rectification of faults

DPB is

supplier of all relevant components for your communications engineering infrastructure such as:

  • ADQ***; ADF*** glass-fibre cables,  breakout cables
  • plug types E-2000/APC, FC/PC, SC/PC, LC/PC
  • antennas, feeder cables and jumper including plugs and groundings and many others

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